Suzanne Thompson
Suzanne ThompsonBusiness Improvement Leader
As a highly accomplished Business Improvement Specialist & Strategic HR Consultant, I provide senior leaders and business owners with the tools and framework to successfully manage the complex and difficult challenges facing most organisations.

Whether it be finding solutions to scaling your organisation, maximising commercial outcomes or steering your team in a new direction, I can help you navigate this adventure.

Christmas brings with it a time for reflection. Looking back over 2021 we can see that our transformation work has taken us on a journey across a diverse range of industries and business of all sizes. Last year our industry landscape included:

  • Agriculture and Forestry

  • Manufacturing

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Retail Trade

  • Professional Services

  • State Government

  • Not for Profit

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance.

All organisations have had a common theme….a drive for improvement.

Whether it be a lean or digital transfomation. we have had the opportunity to challenge these organisations to think differently and change the way they do business. Change is difficult, but we know that when an organisation has the right people in the room, it quickly becomes clear what matters most.

The common denominator across all of the organisations we have worked with throughout 2021 is that they are all looking to improve their customer experience. They have each recognised the need for change and have put in place plans to achieve this. The transformation journey has not been easy for any of them, but it has been worth it.

The results have been impressive with increased revenue, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction. We are proud to have been a part of their transformation journey and we look forward to seeing more success in 2022.