‘Doing’ digital transformation does not mean a whole lot without the right tools.

I have recently read an article from “Eddie” Obeng and he has a great view of digital transformation. He questions whether there is a difference between a change, a project, a programme or a transformation and whether it actually matters!

His analogy is simple (but imperfect) to explain:

  • You add a new piece of furniture to a room – Change
  • You restyle the room – Project
  • You remodel the front of the house, knocking through the rooms and relaying the lawn and drive, buying part of the neighbours plot – Programme
  • You convert your single story home to a four-storey apartment/shopping complex with a swimming pool in the basement while living in it – Transformation

Transformation is when the change is so sever that you need “scaffolding” and interim living arrangements to keep going.

So what’s the difference?

To deliver projects you need to have good ways of engaging stakeholders, planning, coordinating, eliminating risk, leading and organising and learning and reviewing all wrapped around the best method for the type of project in question. To deliver transformation you must be able to do this plus more. You must plan not just for the project, but also the “scaffold” interim stages. You need to road-test the final version and all the interim stages. You need top deliver excellent change management as you keep changing, what you need stakeholders to do to carry on “business as usual”.

Can we help on your digital journey?

Whether it is a digital change, project, program or digital transformation, In2 Project Management can help you on your journey. It is clear that there is a deep lack of understanding of what “digital” means. As project managers in today’s fast-changing world, project management is no longer about just delivering the what you are asked to do but, instead, to sense check, interrogate and confirm the real benefits of the digital projects. We have many tools in our toolbox to help, including Lean and Value Stream Mapping. Lean techniques enable us to establish the “value at stake“, which is the difference between caring on with business as usual and the results of the digital project.

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