We’ve all seen project failures, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right process in place you can ensure that your projects are successful and achieve their goals.

The best way to manage a project is with a structured approach, using tools like Microsoft Project Web App. Project Web App is an online collaboration tool for teams of all sizes that provides everything you need to plan, track and deliver your projects on time and within budget – from start to finish.

You need a solution that is simple enough for everyone to use, but powerful enough to meet your needs. We started using Microsoft Project Web App on top of our existing collaboration platform because we understand how important it is for teams to work together effectively. It’s easy to get started with this intuitive online tool and it works out of the box!

However, getting the right information to the right people quickly and accurately is a challenge. Power BI connected to Project Web App can take care of this problem for you.

While Power BI can help, it’s not simple to set up and make work effectively. It needs a lot of planning, research and attention to detail for it to be effective. If you don’t have time or budget for this then your project data will suffer – costing more in the long term than if you had just invested upfront in getting Power BI working correctly from day one.

We provide Project Management support that includes everything needed from initial consultation through design, implementation, training & ongoing support until we are confident that all users are happy with their new toolset & process changes. Our focus is on improving user adoption rates so everyone gets value out of using the project management tools as soon as possible – saving them time and money!

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