Even as we begin returning to face to face scenario’s in our work, the blend of remote and in-person learning will be crucial for the future. At In2 Project Management, we’ve also been impacted by the shift to remote work necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis, so we understand the challenges that come along with this situation—and we want to help however we can. Away went our post-it notes, smart sheet sheets, face to face lean simulations and in came the virtual canvas.

Many clients turned to Zoom and other video conferencing solutions to respond to the immediate necessity of remote working. Now that business is shifting into the long-term reality of hybrid working, we want to build a foundation to succeed. So we have begun work on our Digital Academy.

Hybrid continuous improvement learning involves much more than virtual classes—it is a holistic, reimagined learning experience that enables all students to continue their improvement education regardless of global health crises, weather, transportation limitations, or other obstacles they may be facing.

Hybrid learning is multimodal and interactive, meaning that the ideal learning environment offers a diverse selection of tools and features to keep learners actively engaged. It’s both synchronous and asynchronous, meaning that learning workflows and improvement teams and other methods of offline engagement are included in addition to live learning sessions. And perhaps most importantly, hybrid learning is all about thoughtfully planned infrastructure. It’s not a temporary response to a crisis—it’s the new normal for education, and it’s the path schools must follow to succeed in the future.

We thank our many client’s who have invested their time into our Hypothesis and are on the journey with us.

If you wish to be involved then please give us a call!