Over the years we have developed a huge library of face to face instructor lead training content for our Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement clients. More recently we have been working with a local government client developing e-learning content, as continuous improvement subject matter experts. This has lead to a wealth of knowledge around building engaging content. We has also had many lessons along the way and below are five dangers to watch out for.

Here are five critical pitfalls to look out for when converting face to face instructor-led training to eLearning.

What NOT to Do

  • Do not reuse your Instructor Lead Training content ‘as is’ – Crop irrelevant information
  • Do not skip the prototype – Pay close attention to how the prototype looks like
  • Do not ignore learner needs – Include different learning formats
  • Do not take assessments lightly – Make them interesting
  • Do not try to do it yourself – Outsource it to an eLearning vendor when you don’t have the expertise

Were are still very much learning on this journey and have realised that taking care of these five items will help you design a more learner-friendly eLearning course.