It is great to welcome Chengjue to In2 Project Management, our first ever internship. Chengjue joins us from Melbourne University where she has just completed  her Masters of Management, Accounting and Finance.

This internship going to last for a month and designed to provide a unique practical experience for a fresh graduate. The financial models Chengjue has learned from her studies, like discounted cash flow, adjusted present value and so forth, are similar to our detailed business case development work. Chengjue should learn how to apply her university education to real complex business problems and it is a great opportunity to compare her academic studies with practical applications.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this opportunity and we are sure that we will also learn a lot in exchange. We would also like to thank our many clients for enabling us to offer this internship. Without your support and agreement Chengjue would not be able to gain this valuable experience.

We will provide you all with an update, direct from Chengjue, on her experience at the end of the internship!